Saturday, March 8, 2008

Where To Eat in Putrajaya

Putrajaya has little interesting places to meet your fancy appetite flavours. You might end up tells your friends that there is no good food in Putrajaya. Wait... you probably wanna try few places below to make you a happy eater in Putrajaya. Anyway this is just for lunch and dinner set. I will suggest few locations for big events such as group/company dinner, berbuka puasa (during the fasting month of Ramadhan)

I would like to classify your need into open stalls, restaurants, clubs and hotels. Open stalls define as simple foods serve at open area, you can call it as cafe if you wish, but not the one located along road sides (Putrajaya's banned any road site stalls).While, restaurants, clubs and hotels are too common to be elaborated here.

Taman Warisan Pertanian
Type: open stall
Location: Precinct 16, about 2km from Alamanda Putrajaya.
Foods: Satay Hj Samuri, mix rice, noodles, roti john
Drinks: Cendol, coconut
-Food: Mix rice of ayam kampung dara, ikan keli bakar, kari daging & ulam for RM6.00
-Drink: Yong cocunut RM3.00 or cendol RM2.00
-Note: The food is available for lunch only. Be there at 12:00pm sharp to ensure your menu are complete.
-Food: Roti john
-Drink: Teh tarik
-Note: Roti john is available for lunch and dinner.

Precinct 9 Food Court
Type: open stall
Location: Opposite Sekolah Menengah Precinct 9. About 4km from Alamanda
Foods: Mix foods, Briyani
-Food: Briyani ayam or kambing or daging from RM6.50

Kelab Tasik Putrajaya
Type: club
Location: Precinct 8, about 500m from Precinct 8's food court or about 1.3km from Alamanda
Foods: East & Western styles
- Food: Seafoods such as tomyam, steam fish
- Comment: Facing the putrajaya lake, with nice view of Putrajaya's Putra Mosque and Prime Minister office.

Alamanda Food Court
Type: open stall
Location: Ground floor, Alamanda. Near the AI-khsan sport centre & Esprit.
Foods: Malay foods, Chienese foods, Western foods, Mamak-style foods.

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